Indoor Precision Agriculture

Indoor precision agriculture is a rapidly growing field of research, investment and business, driven by ever-increasing pressures on global supply of plants produced for food, medicines and other valuable products. 

Scientists, companies and governments around the world are using environmental data (biotic and abiotic), plant genetics and predictive technologies to determine the crop varieties and cultivation protocols that will optimize – and sustain – yields of valuable biomass and extractable compounds. 


At the same time, the impacts on outdoor agriculture of climate change, degradation of arable land, pests and plant diseases, and inconsistent supply chains, have led to major investments in controlled environment (indoor) agriculture. For producers of plant-based biologics and transgenic plants, regulatory and safety considerations mean even greater need for control and containment in both research and production settings.

The CASI GS brings together these platforms in a scalable, user-friendly technology designed for indoor precision agriculture at commercial scale, while being a powerful tool for R&D. Collecting all environmental data points every second, the factors affecting plant growth and biochemistry can be analyzed along with biochemical profiles and yields, enabling growers to optimize and produce the plants they want on a consistent basis.

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