CASiGrow Platform Growing System

CASiGrow's smart horticulture growing system is built on 3 pillars:

1. Climate Control: Air & Climate Management

2. Revolutionary Smart LED Lights

3. Data Driven Insight Through Software & Analytics


Precision microclimate control is the most important non-genetic factor to achieving a healthy grow.

CASiGrow Platform Growing System
    1. Temperature & Humidity
      Control to +/- 0.1 degree C and 1% humidity over the temperature range.
    2. Carbon Dioxide Levels
      Dial up as much as 1500 ppm (+/- 50 ppm) and automatically turn it off at night.
    3. Vapor Pressure Deficit
      Use Vapor Pressure Deficit readings to manage your climatic conditions if desired.

CASiGrow’s proprietary algorithms provide constant monitoring and control of all key climatic parameters, and adjust automatically, keeping your grow at ideal conditions at all times.

Each chamber includes dedicated temperature and humidity conditioning equipment. HEPA filters and isolated plenums lined with UV light ensure that biological pests of all kinds don’t infest or proliferate throughout your grow.

You’ll also know if your plants are using CO2 which is a good measure of overall plant health.


12-channel spectrum programable LED lights

Smart LED Lights CASiGrow Platform Growing System

CASiGrow Smart LED Lights are simply the most versatile and powerful LED lights on the market today — 800W of power spread across 12 channels spanning UVB to Deep IR give you the power to create virtually any spectrum imaginable, and recreate it later, for consistent results.

The design goal we set for these lights was to simply have the most flexible, capable, and smartest lights on the planet. We think we nailed it!

Twelve channels of addressable, fully controllable spectrum give growers the ability to create spectra never before seen, and create chemotypes not previously possible in nature or artificial grows, and together with CASiGrow software these LED lights give growers they’ve never thoght possible.

And talk about smart! If an LED or a driver should fail, our lights know and you’ll be notified.


Encrypted recipes and powerful analytics

CASiGrown Platform Growing System software analytics

Real-time software running our proprietary algorithms under the covers keeps your grow running as intended. Plan and analyze grows with intuitive analytics and grow management software.

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