CASI Grow System

CASI Grow System (GS) is a powerful tool for indoor precision agriculture and plant biotechnology, providing superior environmental control, efficient use of resources, and comprehensive environmental data for plant R&D and optimization of indoor growing operations.

CASI GS ensures precise control of all abiotic environmental factors through independent sensors and supply systems for each parameter – light, temperature and humidity, CO2, fertigation, and air flow. All controls are integrated into each individual chamber and monitored by the CASI GS software.

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What makes CASI Grow System better?

1 Light

The CASI GS Smart LED light system is the most versatile and powerful light source in the indoor agriculture market. The system provides 800W of power spread across 12 channels spanning UVB to deep IR, creating any spectrum desired, and on any schedule. Light boards can be further customized to emphasize certain spectra, including absolute and relative intensities not found in nature.

2 Temperature and Humidity Controls

Tightly control air temperature and humidity at predetermined set points for as long as needed, and introduce controlled changes to trigger desired responses in plant development and metabolism. Vapor pressure sensors enable precise control of humidity as well as providing an indication of plant transpiration.

3 Carbon Dioxide

CO2 levels can be increased to as high as 1500 ppm and automatically turned off for selected periods. The system’s accurate CO2 meter provides constant feedback of CO2 levels, data that also reflects current levels of plant photosynthesis.

4 Fertigation

Water and fertilizer is supplied directly to the growth medium from an external tank by solenoid-controlled injector system. Soil moisture is continuously measured by integrated sensors and automatically modified according to set points determined by the grower, with easy customization of watering intervals and volumes.

5 Control Software

All functions of CASI GS are easily operated through the user-friendly CASI GS Control software. Customized grow programs, with daily cycles according to plant growth stage, are entered or downloaded into the software to run any number of GS chambers – locally or at other facilities.

Proprietary algorithms provide constant monitoring and automated control of all environmental parameters, adjusting to any fluctuation to maintain growing conditions within the program parameters.

Besides the optimized growth conditions, CASI GS’s automated control significantly reduces loss/waste of energy and water, and greatly reduces staff interventions, resulting in material cost reductions per yield unit.

6 Data Analytics

Environmental data recorded by the CASI GS Control software becomes a key element of precision agriculture. Combining this data with analyses of plant morphology, biomass, extracted substance yield and/or metabolite profile can demonstrate the effect of specific environmental modifications. Adding plant genetics creates a powerful dataset for indoor precision agriculture – aligning environmental conditions with plant genetic knowledge to optimize production.

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