About Cadence Agricultural Systems — CASi

CASiGrow Platform Growing System

CASi's "Why"

The CASiGrow platform consists of three class-leading essential elements:

  • Best-in-class control over all climatic conditions (temperature, RH, CO2, VPD)
  • Revolutionary 12-channel Smart LED lights
  • User-friendly, encrypted software for creating recipes, running reports and analyzing results

We believe CASi grow chambers will help develop important medicines and consumer products. It’s a way to reduce costs and ensure quality of produce for generations to come.

CASiGrow Platform Growing System

Our Focus

CASi helps growers both create optimal growing environments. We do it with the most flexible, powerful hardware and software platform for cannabis and other high value crop research and production.

Without a precise growing environment, growers and researchers can’t optimize their genetics. With the CASiGrow system, growers can rapidly experiment and then later recreate the ideal lighting, climatic and nutrient conditions for a particular strain, or desired chemotypical outcome.


We are perfectionists.

We specifically looked at the concerns growers of any kind face and we’ve tested, refined, and perfected solutions to  help every one of those problems.

We are forward thinking.

The future of agriculture is going to look very different… so we’re incorporating the Internet of Things and granular-level data analytics in our products.

We are problem solvers.

Our experience in product development and manufacturing gives us an insatiable desire to fix problems. In fact, the harder the problem, the happier we are.

We are here to support you.

We’re happy to provide detailed online training so our customers fully understand how to maximize their potential with CASi grow chambers.

Our Team

Meet the Cadence Agricultural Systems – CASi team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We’re successful business owners with families and commitments to our communities, and we’ve put a lot of thought into designing the ideal vertical grow system.
Companies started by
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Jim Clark - CASiGrow System Inventor at Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc.

Jim Clark, P.Eng

VP, Research & Development

Now the inventor and head of R&D at CASi, Jim previously managed manufacturing for household names like IBM and HP.

He applied his experience in precision processes to develop a chamber-based food  production system that grew fresh herbs and lettuce for distribution. Jim has been reliably producing licensed, high-quality medical cannabis for years, and his growth chambers have evolved into the full-fledged CASi system we have today.

Bob Gilson - CEO Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc.

Bob Gilson


Our finance guru has a keen sense for businesses worth investing in. He’s guided startups, biotech companies, and even large banks through development, expansion, and financial success. His connections with the right people is how CASi built such a strong founding team.

Ben Zimmer - VP Software Development Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc.

Ben Zimmer

VP, Software Development

Our software has been developed by Vice President Ben Zimmer, an award-winning leader in online training, robotic automation, and custom IofT instrumentation. With Ben’s expertise, we’ve streamlined the user experience with software that’s easy to use, yet capable of mining analytical data. CASi users will have insights on their plants unlike any of their competitors.

Brad Poulos - COO Cadence Agricultural Systems Inc.

Brad Poulos


Brad is a battle-hardened entrepreneur who started Ryerson’s cannabis education program. He has started and exited several companies including a #8 on the Profit 100. With management experience from small companies to US publicly-traded entities, Brad has the breadth of experience CASi needs as this stage of our growth.

Our past

We’re engineers, venture capitalists, manufacturers, executives, academics and software developers. We’re also successful business owners with families and commitments to our communities, and we’ve put a lot of thought into designing the ideal vertical grow system.

Cadence Agricultural Systems cannabis closeup
CASiGrow Platform Growing System

our future

We believe CASi grow platform will help develop important medicines and consumer products. They can also help to feed the world. Regardless it’s about finding a way to reduce the cost and ensure quality of produce for generations to come.

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