Can you grow a great brand without consistent products?

CASiGrow Platform Growing System for cannabis

Get cadence from chaos with CASiGrow Platform

CASi is a non-plant touching company.

Take The Guesswork Out of Growing

Growing quality cannabis means achieving the same results from the same genetics every time.
Can you do this in a 2,000 square foot grow room?

CASiGrow Platform Growing System uses vertical space
CASiGrow Platform Growing System
CASiGrow Platform Growing System

The 3 Pillars of Successful Cultivation

1. Genetics: It starts with good genes. That’s your specialty.

2. Environment: This is where we come in. You have the comfort of planning, knowing, and controlling the temperature, humidity levels and C02 levels of every plant in your grow. Consistency is everything.

3. Care: We help here too. You’ll know that every plant in your grow is receiving exactly the nutrients you intended. Since each chamber is a self-contained ecosystem you don’t need to worry about infestation across your crop.

Ready to get started?

We looked at the
industry’s problems…
and solved them.


As it becomes more difficult to patent genetics, grow methods will become the most valuable IP in your company. Protect treasured trade secrets with encrypted grow recipes only you can see.

Traditional horticultural and agricultural methods leave a harvest at the mercy of pestilence, environmental variations, and human error.


Repeatable Precision Micro Climates in each CASi chamber can be customized to mimic any desired growing conditions.

Every element including temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels and VPD can be programmed in a recipe, or controlled in real-time.

Produce the same results every time!

CASi’s sealed proprietary growth chambers bring predictable order to the chaotic nature of indoor growing.


CASiGrow software allows you to intelligently schedule your production, ensuring that harvests and planting do not coincide with each other, holidays or other conflicts.

Reliably produce the same high-quality product over and over again without harvest-prune scheduling nightmares.


You’ll never have to wonder how your crop is doing again. The in-chamber cameras and integrated sensors deliver real time analytics to a software system that’s not only customizable and robust, it’s also intuitive and a pleasure to use. User-defined alarms and alerts (with escalation levels) will email or text staff or managers

Your data is protected at all times in highly-secure cloud-based servers.


Don’t worry about mold, pests, or environmental issues again since each grow chamber is a sealed, closed system.

You’ll never lose an entire crop again.


Grow 10x the plants in the same amount of space. Fill a warehouse full of CASi arrays instead of investing in huge plots of land.


Each CASi grow chamber is capable of running four discrete lighting recipes and eight separate nutrient recipes at one time. No other system allows you to get to your maximum grow recipe faster, or to seamlessly port that recipe to your production grow environment.

The CASiGrow Process

Agriculture Re-engineered
Microclimate Management — Revolutionary Lighting — Data Driven Insight


The tightest control over the air your plants breathe is the best way to ensure that you get a pest-free, consistent grow.

From proprietary algorithms to maintain temperature and humidity to UV in the ducts and HEPA filters to keep chambers clean, we have every angle of the microclimate covered.


We’ve developed the thinnest, coolest and most capable Smart LED system on the market. The CASi light system can replicate any lighting conditions you desire, including spectrum, intensity, colour temperature, sunrise/sunset patters, and circadian rhythms, that don’t even exist in nature.

The 12 channels of visible, IR and UV spectrum controlled by CASiGrow software, make these the Smartest lights available anywhere.


CASi customers don’t cut corners, skimp on quality, or approve anything that’s ‘close enough’. That extra little attention to detail is what separates the great from the merely good.

With a record of all grow conditions you can both diagnose problems, or recreate past glory. If you’re a perfectionist and care about consistency and quality, this is the right system for you. 

CASiGrow Platform Growing System

Rapid Research & Development

Each CASiGrow chamber is capable of four discrete lighting recipes and eight separate nutrient recipes at one time. 

A “Discovery Array” of six chambers can run a total of 24 lighting and 48 nutrient experiments simultaneously and you’ll discover the ideal grow recipe in record time, and get new products to market faster.

Moving to production in CASi’s modular growth chambers is seamless. Recipes developed on the CASi platform can be run anywhere a CASi system is installed, and with real-time monitoring you’ll know exactly what’s happening at all times. Since all CASiGrow recipes are encrypted you can outsource growing without disclosing proprietary grow methods.

Tight Control Over Climatic Variables

Variables at your fingertips

  • Control Carbon Dioxide
  • Change Light Spectrum – 12 Channels
  • Adjust Light Cycles
  • Monitor Temperature
  • Monitor Humidity
  • Measure Nutrients

Creating Global Brands and Medical Products Demands Consistent Crops

Multi-state operators, global brands and pharma companies need consistency that’s difficult or impossible to achieve if they’re going to create products across territorial borders.

CASi’s modular growth chambers are engineered with (EU)GMP standards in mind and will ensure reliable harvests free from pests or variance in quality, regardless of where the plants are being grown.

The heart of the CASiGrow platform is a robust software and plant analytics interface growers use to reproduce (or tweak) the factors affecting growth to create desired plant outcomes.

CASiGrow Platform Growing System

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