Powering Indoor Agriculture

Cadence Agriculture Systems Inc. (CASI) has created CASI Grow System (CASI GS), a new generation indoor agriculture system designed for precise, scalable production of high value plants in industrial and research facilities. 

The CASI mission is to improve productivity and profitability of commercial plant producers in a range of sectors – plant-based vaccines and pharmaceuticals, food products, medicinal plants and more. The CASI GS gives producers the precision and control they need to maximize the value of their genetic assets.

Grow Better Plants at Lower Costs with CASI Grow System

Maximize Value of Plant Genetics

With CASI GS, producers can test multiple combinations of environmental factors simultaneously to rapidly determine the optimal conditions for their specific plant varieties at all growth stages. Grow recipes can be automatically deployed to unlimited chambers and production sites with the GS control software – whether to run identical programs or different programs running in parallel, according to production needs.

Achieve Production Consistency

All abiotic environmental factors are constantly monitored by integrated sensors, precisely adjusted according to pre-set limits, and recorded by the GS software throughout the grow cycle. The system alerts operators if a chamber is opened or if there is any deviation from prescribed limits. CASI GS puts GMP-level control in the hands of producers, ensuring consistent yield and quality from every grow.

Protect Crop Safety and Quality

The closed, compartmental design of the CASI GS, and HEPA filtration and UV treatment of incoming air, prevents plant exposure to harmful pests, microorganisms and airborne contaminants. In the event of an infection in a particular chamber, plants in the other closed chambers are unaffected. This level of protection can be a critical element of GMP-level production for plant-based biopharmaceuticals.

Reduce Production Costs

As an essentially closed system, the precise, automated control of the CASI GS means that wastage and loss of inputs (water, fertilizer, humidity, CO2, heat, light energy) are virtually eliminated, while operator intervention during the grow cycle is minimal. Crop failures and sub-standard batches are effectively eliminated. The result is a significantly lower cost of production for a superior final product.

Optimize Production Schedules

CASI GS is a scalable and flexible platform, enabling producers to plant and harvest on any schedule and frequency they choose – aligning output with current market demands and making more efficient use of production capacity, labour and overhead. The system also can be linked with producer MRP/ERP systems and demand planning to drive further efficiencies in procurement and inventory management.

Reduce Cost and Risk to Start Up and Scale-up

Choosing CASI GS greatly reduces the risks, costs and time associated with large capital expenditures and idle production capacity. The system can be installed in virtually any facility and location, eliminating the need for purpose-built buildings and expensive, high-maintenance HVAC systems, windows, and other costly infrastructure. Producers can start with only a few units and easily add as much (or as little) incremental capacity as needed, while product mix can be tailored to continuously meet demand, reducing overproduction and empty capacity.

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